FlowEye has 2 main modules, one for basic user and one for powerful administrator and process architects.

# Front

  • Inbox
  • Process detail
  • User profile

# Admin

  • Dashboard
  • Users
  • User groups
  • Inspector
  • Templates
  • Planner
  • Snippets
  • Global variables
  • Layouts
  • API

# Templates > Template changer

Template changer is the only tool that allows administrators to modify templates without creating new revision. This gives them ability to immediately affect all running processes under the template.

Changes can break already running processes!


Template changer consists of tabs. First tab refers to template instructions itself. Changing template instructions has no effect on running or future processes. These instructions are only used when template is newly created or updated.

All other tabs are steps settings. Changing anything here directly affect running and future processes.

It is advised to change template in two steps:

  1. Change step settings
  2. Copy changes to template instructions so that instructions match actual step settings. It is necessary to successfully create template revisions.

# Snippets

General snippets (defined in administration) or process snippets (defined in process template) can be included inside latte template. If both process and general snippets exists with same name, process snippet is used.

Notice that .snippet suffix is required.

{include 'snippetName.snippet', name=>'Adam'}